14" Kanamit from 'To Serve Man' / Twilight Zone 

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Limited Edition of 7,500.

This 14 inch, highly articulated figure comes with authentic costuming, a "To Serve Man" book, and a display base with the show’s logo, episode, and original airdate printed upon it.

Sculpted by Mat Falls

The Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man," aired March 2, 1962.

An alien race, the Kanamit, have come to earth. Mankind is overjoyed when they discover these visitors from another universe are well intentioned and kind. They provide great knowledge to cure disease, end war, and produce cheap power. After a meeting at the United Nations, a Kanamit accidentally leaves a book behind, and mankind seizes the opportunity to learn the Kanamit language. Michael Chambers, a U.S. decoding expert, immediately begins the long and laborious effort to translate the alien tongue. Countless hours later, Mr. Chambers is thrilled to discover the title of the book reads, "To Serve Man." The human race rejoices in the revelation that the Kanamits are here to serve them. Mr. Chambers, along with thousands of other humans, book trips to visit the Kanamit's home planet. Just as Mr. Chamber is about to board the ship, his assistant breaks through the crowd and begs him not to board. She has discovered the true intention of the book: It's a cookbook! Mr. Chambers is shoved onto the ship as the title, "To Serve Man" takes on a whole new meaning.