Doctor and Nurse from 'Eye of the Beholder' / Twilight Zone 

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Limited Edition of 5,000.

These highly articulated, 12 inch figures come with a doctor's stethoscope, a medical syringe, bandage roll, watches, complete authentic doctor and nurse outfits, and a display base with the show’s logo, episode, and original airdate printed upon it.

This set is packed out in a single collector's box. 

Sculpted by Mat Falls

The Twilight Zone episode, "Eye of the Beholder," aired November 11, 1960.

The episode's main character, Janet Tyler, is going to the hospital for the eleventh time. This will be her last chance to cure a horrific visage before she is sent to a village where other ugly people live. After plastic surgeons unwrap the bandages from the final surgery, both doctors and nurses alike are sickened to discover there has been 'no change.' When Janet's face is revealed to the camera, Janet is beautiful by human standards, but, to our surprise, when the doctors and nurses remove their masks, they are hideously deformed. The message is clear: Beauty is in the 'Eye of the Beholder.'