Explore the archives to find hot-spots leading to hidden photos, items, interactions and surprises!

The 'Clues & Hints' describe where each Secret is located:


Secret 0 'Evil-Eye' On Homepage Secret  10 'Lecture-curcuit' In Rod
Secret 1 'Bed-Fox' In Prod Photos Secret  11 'Evil-deal' In Prod Photos
Secret 2 'Cow-Box' In Items Secret  12 'WWII-Ghost' In Prod Photos
Secret 3 'Paper-Boy' In Binghamton Secret  13 'Giant-Book' In Auto Gallery
Secret 4 'H20-Cure' In New TZ Secret  14 'Big-Brother' In Auto Gallery
Secret 5 'Corn-Call' In Prod Photos Secret  15 Stay Tuned
Secret 6 'Toon-On' In Items Secret  16 Stay Tuned
Secret 7 'Metal-Man' In TZ Guide
Secret  17 Stay Tuned
Secret 8 'Smoking-Jacket' In Items
Super Secret 1 - 'Late-Night' in...???
Secret 9 'Con-men' In SOTZ Stars
Super Secret 2 - 'Face-Cover' in...???