STEWART T. STANYARD is the creator, designer, artist and webmaster of the internet's #1 Twilight Zone website, The Twilight Zone Archives. Stanyard is the author of the critically-acclaimed book, Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone, and has written for Fortean Times magazine, and illustrated for writer Clive Barker. He was associate producer for the documentary, As Timeless as Infinity: The Twilight Zone Legacy, has been a board member for the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation, a coordinator for the 1st Stars of the Zone Convention, and has contributed to A&E BiographyThe Loner: The Wandering Man's Burden, SYFY Channel, Night Gallery; An After Hours Tour, and the book series As Timeless As Infinity. He's currently writing a novel. Seen here is Stanyard during one of his visits to TZ writer, George Clayton Johnson. credits