R.G. Armstrong as the contractor in - Nothing In The Dark - "From 'the contractor', one of my favorite roles"

Jean Carson as Paula Diedrich in - A Most Unusual Camera - "I've never had the pleasure of meeting the Serling family, but I got to know Rod when he came to see a play I was in on Santa Monica Blvd, in Hollywood. When I first came from New York to the Coast, he told me then that he'd be writing an episode for me. It was, I think, around two years later that the episode was finally done. He told me at that time that CBS continuity were not accepting various endings he wrote, feeling that we, 'the bad guys', were not punished enough. I too personally thought the ending was perfect. I don't care about the Companion review. Rod thought it was the best of his comedy-based stories. And it's always been one of the fan's favorites. All my best!"

Paul Comi as Warren Marcusson in - People Are Alike All Over - as 1st Officer Craig in - The Odyssey Of Flight 33 - and as the psychiatrist in - The Parallel - "These episodes were very enjoyable experiences. 'People Are Alike All Over' was my first, and director Mitch Larson was wonderful to work with. 'The Odyssey Of Flight 33' was my favorite and was one of Serling's also. My dear friend John Anderson and I always enjoyed reminiscing about that show. 'The Parallel', like all the other hour shows was a bomb."

Michael Constantine as Sheriff Koch in - I Am The Night, Color Me Black - "Working on the Twilight Zone was fun, but the most impressive thing for me was meeting Rod Serling when he came on the set to do his introductions. I always had great respect for his writing, and not just the T.Z."

Jack Elam as Avery in - Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up - "Those were the 'good old days' when television was young..... I miss it!!"

Evans Evans as Mary Lou in - A Hundred Yards Over The Rim - "All I can remember were my tight blue jeans and what a pleasure it was to work with Cliff Robertson."

Beverly Garland as Maggie in - The Four Of Us Are Dying - "Rod Serling was on the set that morning and came over to me after the scene was finished (which we did in one take), and said 'My God I didn't know I had written her so deep. You brought so much more to this part that I did not know was there when I wrote it. Thank you for giving her such life' I'll never forget that. I was so flattered and was on cloud nine for a week! I even thought my singing was OK."

Dabbs Greer as Evans in - Valley Of The Shadow - "When shooting 'Valley Of The Shadow', they used Hershey's chocolate syrup for the blood... It never came out of the suit!!!"

Kim Hamilton as Francis in - The Big Tall Wish - "It was wonderful working on the show and meeting Mr. Serling"

Jonathan Harris as George Alfred in - The Silence - "I'm a Twilight Zone fan, too. Ah, The Silence. Marvelous story. Rod Serling... what a genius. Absolute genius."

Mariette Hartley as Sandra Horn in - The Long Morrow - "Thanks for the memories. It was a very special experience for me. My 3rd T.V. show & working with Serling was amazing! All best wishes."

Pat Hingle as Horace Ford in - The Incredible World Of Horace Ford - "My memory of 'The Incredible World Of Horace Ford' is very sharp. I have had few roles as good in a long career. It was written by Reginald Rose and done first on live TV, 'Studio One'. Art Carney played Horace at that time."

Earl Holliman as Mike Ferris in - Where Is Everybody? - "I have wonderful memories of filming this pilot. Rod, Bill and Bob were all great guys!" Earl refers to Rod Serling, producer William Self and director Robert Stevens

Ann Jillian as Ilsa Nielsen in - Mute - "My name is Ilsa ... the only words I spoke and my first 'cry' on film - Enjoyed it!"

Arte Johnson as Irv in - The Whole Truth - "Jack Carson was a great guy. No nonsense when it came to work. Where has the time gone? I can't even remember the director's name." - On the Night Gallery episode - The Flip Side Of Satan - "Mickey Rooney couldn't remember the words!" - On Rod Serling - "Count me in as an admirer of his work." - Joking On the TZA's not having any photos of him from The Whole Truth - "It was done before photography was invented. I have no photographs!" - On the TZA - "Nice hobby in this computer age. Wish I could help more."

Don Keefer as Dan Hollis in - It's A Good Life - "Greetings, from 'the cornfield'!"

Ruta Lee as Flora Gordon in - A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain - "That role was so much fun to play! One of the best film experiences of my career - I still love it."

George Lindsey as Deputy Pierce in - I Am The Night, Color Me Black - "I loved playing a part in the Twilight Zone!"

Joanne Linville as Lavinia in - The Passersby - "I loved doing the show. A great director (Elliot Silverstein) and wonderful scripts!"

Ron Masaka as the man with harmonica in - The Purple Testament - "This (The Purple Testament) was filmed in 1959. I was so convincing as a GI that I was drafted one week after filming."

Bill Mumy as Anthony Fremont in - It's a Good Life - as Billy in - Long Distance Call - and as Pip in - In Praise of Pip - "Twilight Zone is and always will be the best of the best. And your web-site is boss!"

Phillip Pine as Arch Hammer/Sterig in - The Four Of Us Are Dying - and as Leonard O'Brien in - The Incredible World Of Horace Ford - "I always said, the 'Twilight Zone' was 'One Step Beyond' the 'Outer Limits'."

Robert Sorrells as Casey in - The Mighty Casey - "Rod Serling helped me a great deal and was my hero then."

George Takai as Taro in - The Encounter - "The Twilight Zone experience is one that stands alone."

William Windom as The Major in - Five Characters in Search of an Exit- "Thank You! Five Characters in Search of an Exit was my first California job in 1961! Riley's Bar was the best!."


Jon Edmondson - Mr. Serling would sometimes ask my Grandfather Bill (sound) for grammatical advice on the monologues for the show. Charles Bronson had a beef one time in the episode with Elizabeth Montgomery after Bill changed some of his lines around. They kept Bill's lines. He enjoyed working on the show a great deal. His uncle Joe also worked on it. Also, Frank Milton was the head of the sound department. He didn't actually work on the show, but insisted on having his name first! Bill noted the episode "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up" as one of his favorites. He liked the guy with the googly eyes. Thanks for the site!" - 05-01-2001

Jim Benson - Writer - "My name is Jim Benson, co-author of Rod Serling's Night Gallery: An After-Hours Tour. I must preface my comments by saying that Stewart Stanyard has done a remarkable job creating this marvelous tribute to Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone. This wonderful resource of memories and memorabilia is a fitting tribute to the man and his work. Although I have been a dealer in TV collectibles for the last fifteen years, in retrospect, I'm quite happy that I bypassed the opportunity in the late 1980's to acquire The Twilight Zone contact sheets featured on this site, deciding instead to pass the lead on to Stewart. Had I purchased the photos at the time, some would have eventually been sold, and thus scattered to the wind. Instead, with the advent of the Internet (and Stewart's creativity) they're now available in one place, giving thousands of aficionados and historians the opportunity to access these rare behind-the-scenes images from one of the greatest television series ever created. I share many of the same fond memories expressed by others on this page, having spent a large slice of my early years watching The Twilight Zone and later, Rod Serling's Night Gallery. While most kids were watching cartoons, my older sister and I spent most of our child hood transfixed by the great anthology shows of the 50’s and 60’s (Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and One Step Beyond). Having spent many of my formative years watching that particular format, it created within me a great appreciation for that unique brand of storytelling: distinct individual dramas, non-recurring characters, and adaptations of classic short stories.My fascination with all things Rod Serling accelerated in the early 1970's when I saw him speak at Miracosta College in North San Diego County. He delivered his speech (entitled "The Twentieth Century and Other Absurdities") in the school's gymnasium. As Rod approached the podium he made mention of his diminutive stature and said, "I'm not sure whether to give a speech or show you my fancy hook shot," which was greeted with robust laughter. Serling's lecture covered a variety of subjects, including the Vietnam War, the pervasive commercial nature of television, and the proliferation of pornographic movies. The strongest applause occurred when he mentioned The Twilight Zone, and his Emmy-nominated Night Gallery episode," They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar." At the end of the speech, he explained that he had to catch a flight and joked, "I just hope it's not FLIGHT 33." Years later, (after the release of The Twilight Zone Companion) I began to seriously research the history of Rod Serling's Night Gallery, compiling a large dossier in the hopes of someday writing a book. The opportunity ultimately presented itself in 1996, when I met my future co-author (Scott Skelton) through his Night Gallery web site. Stewart and I had maintained contact with each other over the years, and when I informed him that I was collaborating on the Gallery book, he graciously offered the only behind-the-scenes photograph we could find of Serling filming his introductions on the Night Gallery set. Again, I must express my appreciation to Stewart for this unique gallery of television history. It is my fervent hope that for generations to come, Rod Serling and his tremendous body of work will continue to be remembered, and appreciated. With efforts such as this archive, I'm certain this will always be the case." - 1999

Robert Rees - Entertainment Writer - "My name is Robert Rees and I work as an entertainment writer. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet many of the heavyweights in the industry, and interview them. However, of all the celebrities I have met and spent time with--Rod Serling remains my favorite. I met him back in March of 1974, one year before his untimely death. I was attending college at the time at the University of Houston. I was hired by Mutual Broadcasting to assist the audio man at the NAB convention for them, and to be Rod Serling's chaffeur for several days. Due to Houston's heavy traffic, and Rod's schedule--this permitted me the opportunity of spending many hours shut up with him in the Ford Ltd they provided me. Rod was there for Mutual to promote his new radio series for their network called "The Zero Hour". I have written the details of our interaction in a cover story for "Starlog" magazine #203. It is available for back order. The story was also reprinted by "The Big Reel", " World of Fandom", "The X-files Magazine" and others. For now, suffice it to say Serling was tops. He was the most intelligent interesting celebrity I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We became friends and Rod wrote to me many times in that final year. He even wrote me from his hospital bed during the last few weeks of his life. He remains an inspiration to me. I think of him often and the philosophies he shared with me about this industry and life in general. He was quite a guy. Rod was very fond of young college people and during the convention he would often surround himself with them. More than one night he stayed in a local bar talking with several of them till into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes students were in awe of him, at other times some were critical of some of his works they didn't think were top notch. He was proud of "The Twilight Zone", but not so proud of "The Night Gallery". I took him to a theater and he watched "Blazing Saddles". He really enjoyed Mel Brooks' film and got a good laugh out of it. Some things I might relate to you--you are already aware of. Rod could be somewhat sarcastic at times and what a chain-smoker he was. None-the-less he was a generous, warm, kind, caring, bright man who was very intense. I miss him, but am so glad we are all blessed with his legacy of fine work. As long as TV tapes and film exist, we will always have Rod's incredible talent with us. We need him there to remind us of the moral situations we are presented with daily, and how to deal with them. Thanks Stewart for asking me to reflect here briefly on my friendship with Rod. It was very nice to pause and remember again Rod Serling. He remains a unique individual that I was blessed to know for a time." - 1999

Christian Ingle - Artist and associate - "Not long ago, my sister and I were talking about family vacations we took as young children in Mazatlan, Mexico. We were talking about the kind of things that get remembered are usually fairly trivial and inconsequential; a sign to the pool, the noise of the Comet aircraft that arrived once a day, boys showing me how to pick up crabs out of the estuary across from the hotel by pinching their back legs together, etc. Very often, the "high" point of the trip, has been forgotten, but these things stay. My sister's memories on the other hand, are all about the hotel and the glamorous people she saw coming and going. She asked if I remembered that one of the little girls I was playing with was a daughter of Rod Serling. I could only vaguely recall. Apparently, I had embarrassed my sister horribly by asking the girl's father where his dog HAPPY was - had mistaken Mr. Serling for Jack La Laine..." - 1999

Dwight Deskins - TZA past contributor - "When I was growing up, my family had exactly ONE television set, which caused a great deal of frustration to the other household residents! The whole problem in only having one set was my father, as dear old dad was THE classic "TV hog" (and still is to this very day!). Whenever he was present in the living room, the programming was to be chosen by HIM, with zero input from anyone else. One day after many weeks of trying a radio contest...BINGO...I was the winning caller! Many months before winning the contest, I had been pricing televisions and had my eye on a B&W 19 incher, although the $79 price was out of the question. I guess in 1999 dollars, that little B&W set would be equivalent to $400-500 dollars, a bankroll that virtually no 10 year old has access to. Needless to say, when I sat that beauty on the nightstand in my bedroom, I honestly think that was one of the top five happiest days of my life.

One night, I found the local PBS station was showing The Twilight Zone, and I soon realized it played at 11PM every night. I didn't even know what "The Twilight Zone" was, and probably wouldn't have a clue to this day if I hadn't have bought that little 19 inch B&W TV. Within weeks of getting my own TV, I can vividly remember seeing my first episode of The Twilight Zone. It was "Five Characters In Search of an Exit". What an impact it had on me! To say that I was floored was an understatement, probably more of a "what in the hell is THIS?" reaction. The Twilight Zone was different than anything I had ever seen on television. I asked my friends if they had watched the TZ, and several told me descriptions of their favorite episode. The tales they told only encouraged my interest to watch further. Every night, I was genuinely excited as 11PM drew near, and couldn't wait to see what story would be presented next. I must have watched for at least a few months before seeing the first repeat. After a while I distinctly remember wondering if there was any end to this wonderful variety of shows and stories! I can recall having my youthful mind rewired and imagination expanded by seeing "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", "Eye of The Beholder", "The Midnight Sun", "The Lonely", "To Serve Man", "The Invaders", "The After Hours", "Time Enough At Last", and other classics for the first time. After about a year or so, I would guess that I had seen at least 90% of the 30 minute shows. It was getting to the point where I would watch for two or three weeks before they would play an episode I hadn't seen.

Over the years my enthusiasm for Serling has waned to a level somewhat less than obsessive, but my appreciation of the man and his works will never die as long as I live. Although it seems the time for daydreaming in my life is over (in fact, I can't remember when I last daydreamed, isn't that sad? Not surprisingly, "Walking Distance" is my favorite episode) and the pressures of life pull in 100 different directions, I will still occasionally escape when the mood strikes. When Columbia House started releasing the uncut episodes, I just HAD to have them. It is always a pleasure to pop in a tape, especially when I can recall the wonder of seeing a particular episode for the first time. The Internet has made me realize that there were many others that were just as mesmerized by Mr. Serling. Some of us were even lucky enough to dig around at conventions and find contacts. Floating around out there are some handwritten notes, never before published production photos, and even some one of a kind personally owned items of Mr. Serling. Of course before now, this stuff was tucked away in the safety deposit boxes and closets of a small group of people. Thankfully, Stewart Stanyard (who is a wonderful friend, which I can't say enough good things about) has created the Twilight Zone Archives, and provided a truly one of a kind website where Serling collectors can share more than just to a few unappreciative friends and relatives. Hopefully the website that Stewart has so lovingly constructed will serve as a spark of enthusiasm to the next generation of blundering fools. Who through some twist of fate tune their televisions to the right channel at the right time, and like so many who have been ensnared before---quite unintentionally become Serling fans." - 1999

Jeff Zentner - TZA past contributor - "Greetings from the Twilight Zone Archives. Since you've found this site, I'll assume that you are a devoted fan of Rod Serling and the wonderful work of his, most notably THE TWILIGHT ZONE. My own journey of this man and his creation can be traced back to circa 1973, when I was just a young lad of about 5. My father would sit me atop his lap and we'd watch THE TWILIGHT ZONE every night (actually, my father had the rare opportunity to meet and talk with Rod in the 70's. He remembers him as being a shorter man with a somewhat toned complexion, and an awesome presence and personality. As often reported in the press, Serling told my father that his stories originated from his nightmares). As early as I can remember, this wonderful show gripped me in a way like no other. When I was watching this show, NOTHING could take my attention away from the black and white screen... I mean NOTHING!!! My mother thought I was in the Twilight Zone because I just had this blank expression on my face while watching an episode. I was totally immersed in the action. I might add that there were few shows that had this effect on me. Needless to say, I was mesmerized by the stories and thought Rod Serling was an absolute genius.

A little about how I had become a contributor on this site: About a year ago, I was creating archiving material of all TZ related stuff I could find. I was having very little success. However, I was lucky enough to secure a great Rod Serling handwritten note from an auction site (which can be viewed here in the DOCUMENTS section). I was pretty jazzed about getting that note, but the greatest thing about all of that was it opened the door to the Jedi domain... Stewart Stanyard, with whom I affectionately refer to as Obi Wan Kenobi, taught me the fine art of TZ collecting, and I was a pretty good student. Through his guidance, I was able to secure other treasures, some of which can be viewed on this site (Prod. Photos from "Long Live Walter Jameson" ). My greatest accomplishment thus far, unquestionably, was making a friendly connection with Kevin McCarthy, the star of the episode "Long Live Walter Jameson." I've spent several hours with Kevin, and the man is one of the brightest and nicest men I've ever met. Currently, Kevin is 85 years old and is in better shape, both mentally and physically, than most 60 year olds. I jokingly said to him, "You REALLY think you are going to live to 2,000 years old, don't you?" We both had a good chuckle with that... As you are perusing this site, realize that great effort was taken to make the trip an enjoyable one. These treasures are shared to show our love for the show and the mastermind behind it all: Rod Serling. By collecting these most unusual items, I'd venture to say that we learned more about Rod Serling, the show, and, yes, even a little about ourselves... We hope you do too... ENJOY!" - 1999

Tony Albarella - TZA past contributor - "Like many people, I began watching The Twilight Zone as a child in the form of re-runs. I haven't been the same since. The innovative and offbeat stories took turns in firing my imagination and scaring the hell out of me. As I moved into adulthood several other factors began to impress me; the various directing styles, the groundbreaking cinematography and, of course, the writing. Rod could pack more power, wit, wisdom and eloquence into one exchange of dialog than most writers could hope for in their best full-length novels. As my interest in Rod's career spread, I discovered that his earlier television works captured the same power and prestige of The Twilight Zone. To this day I can't get through "Requiem for a Heavyweight" without a sniffle or two. Television owes a great debt to Mr. Rod Serling, the artist who helped shape the infant medium. It's a shame he's known in pop culture only as Mr. Twilight Zone. Rod gave television some of it's most moving, thought-provoking and proudest moments. It was only a matter of time before my fascination with Serling and his masterwork television series inevitably led me to Stewart Stanyard and this wonderful site. I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Stewart for the many hours of conversation, the expert advice and the selfless friendship. A recent trip of mine to Rod's home town of Binghamton, NY, has been documented on this site (a portion of photos in the BINGHAMTON section). This is an example of the kind of behind-the-show information that the Twilight Zone Archives attempts to share with all of you. The goal of Stewart is to provide for fellow fans a perspective on Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone that is unlike any other website or publication. There are many internet resources for episode guides, actor biographies and fan lists of favorite episodes. They are important, fun and they serve their purpose. But the Twilight Zone Archives strives to offer a unique viewpoint of both the show and the life of it's creator. It's like a peek behind Emerald City's curtains to find out who's controlling the Great Wizard of Oz. We hope you enjoy it. " - 1999

Stewart Stanyard (tzoneman) - TZA Curator - "My early memories of television contain weird distorted flashes of the film Frankenstein, and at the age of four or five, being held hostage by my teasing older brother to watch "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte". What came to be a figure-head for all of this, were the images of a curious man talking from the television set beyond the confines of my crib, Rod Serling. This lead my interest into film and television, into the arts and closer into The Twilight Zone. What many consider to be the greatest television show of all times, I believe it to be the most imaginative, inventive and well written show of all of TV's history; the founder for which most television scifi and terror shows through the years have been influenced. My family watched the original airing of the Twilight Zone, and my mother says they never missed an episode. The only original airing of an episode that I remember seeing, as a young child, was Nightmare At 20,000 Feet. While in syndication, I watched all episodes available at the time every night on a local public channel. I remember seeing for the first time episodes such as The Invaders, A Quality of Mercy, The Lonely, Time Enough At Last, The Purple Testament, Shadow Play, and To Serve Man; which along with Shadow Play, is an all time favorite of mine.

Soon enough, I learned that the Twilight Zone had the ability to make a tight half-hour drama, one that was acted with much talent, directed with such skill, and written with integrity, humility, all the time crafted in a masterfully brilliant way. You knew who the characters were inside and out within the first few minutes of an episode. It was the irony, the twist. Reality was served this way and that. The bad guys really got it in the end, and in ways which bewildered the mind. And sometimes, characters that we felt we had made a connection to, even those with somewhat innocent flaws (Henry Bemis of "Time Enough at Last"), would also fall into the depths of the zone, forever lost in some dimension of fate. Great lessons could be found on the show, and my mind was instantly grabbed by Rod Serling, episode after episode. I would stay up late, anticipating the next adventure into the land of the imagination. With the lights out in an attempt to make the atmosphere mysterious and foreboding, I would watch in wonder, The Twilight Zone. WOW! What a kick! What stories! A team of brilliant writers created something so stupendous, and for me to enjoy, no less. Then I had the 'begeezess' scared out of me when I was lucky to have seen the first run of Night Gallery; which I think was a very innovative show. Eventually, when VCR's came out, I started taping every TZ episode I could, and even purchased the seldom seen fourth season on vhs from a bootlegger, way before they were readily available on local channels or from Columbia House later on. I collected all of Rod's books, searched out some of his live plays, the comics, and whatever else I could find - these were in the days when little was available for TZ/Serling fans. After having seen the entire series about 25 times, next was Twilight Zone: The Movie, which had very few moments, and then onto The New Twilight Zone; CBS's unsuccessful attempt to fill the shoes of Rod Serling's spirit and imagination. The New Twilight Zone did have some great stories which actually felt like Zones, but most of what the show was trying, fell way short of it's predecessor; plus, it was in color, and not black and white. Hollywood hopefully learned a lesson that trying to re-do the Twilight Zone is like a Twilight Zone in itself. As TZ Producer Buck Houghton had stated, "The operative word is that basically nobody understood what made the Twilight Zone work except Rod." (actually, the lesson was NOT learned, for in 2002, a New New Twilight Zone was aired for a single unsuccessful season on the UPN network).

In the late 80's, I met Hollywood collector/dealer, Jim Benson, at a convention (eventual co-writer of the book Night Gallery: An After Hours Tour, in which I contributed a rare behind-the-scenes photo). Besides selling me some Night Gallery prints, he connected me with an archivist who, years before, had been selling original contact-sheet production photos from the first three seasons of the original Twilight Zone. This was an incredible find. And once I made contact with the archivist, I purchased the remaining lot of close to 4,500 original photographs. It was way better than of all my past Christmas' and Halloween's combined! Another few years went by, during which I had been privileged to have many TZ actors sign photos for me (way before autograph cards, Ebay, etc.), and then an online Scifi Channel chat with Carol Serling, a few years ago; where I was able to tell her of my production photo collection (this actually lead to connections with the Serling family). I'd also made friends with Helen Foley, Robert Keller, and Andy Polak of The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation, where I had become a member on the board of directors, acting as Brochure Designer and Stamp Committee Chairman, in an effort to convince the USPS to issue a Rod Serling Stamp.  Back in January of 1999, with the 'web-age' upon us, I FINALLY had the means to share some of what I'd obtained through the years with other Serling fans, and decided to put together the Twilight Zone Archives website (; to make a project of building a visual library, which, years later, would eventually become the internet's #1 Twilight Zone website. After years of working on the site, I spent part of my time over the next 7 years, working on the book DIMENSIONS BEHIND THE TWILIGHT ZONE, which was published by ECW Press on April 1, 2007 (no foolin';). Dimensions turned out really well - featuring a portion of the behind-the-scenes production photos collection (over 350 photos), rare documents, 39 alumni interviews, 12 appreciation essays from Hollywood personalities, and 5 analytical/informative chapters by the author. And topping the book off are some great endorsements by Carol Serling, George Clayton Johnson, William Shatner, Cliff Robertson, Bill Mumy, JJ Abrams, and TZ Companion author Marc Scott Zicree; who kindly refers to Dimensions as 'the companion to the Companion.'

Al in all, with the creations of The Twilight Zone Archives, and the book, Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone, I think I've been successful in reaching the goal of giving something back to the man who started it all, Rod Serling." - 1999 - updated 2007


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Dwight Deskins - "TZA ROCKS!! STEWART ROCKS!!! This is just the greatest TZ website - the true Serling fan's dream come true!" - 01-06-2000

Scott Anderson - "A totally cool website about the totally coolest TV show EVER! Actually, that is one of my earliest memories of TV, about 3 yrs old in '64 and seeing the door and the eyeball and stuff. guess I've been a TZ junkie since then! Keep up the great work!" - 03-08-2000


Kevin N Basden - "Awesome, just like home to me." - 03-08-2000

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Dan - "Hey! I just wanted to say that I love your site, and I love the twilight zone! I wish Rod was still alive so that we could make more twilight zones with better graphics! That would be cool!" - 03-25-2000

Thomas Drum - "Rod Serling was the greatest and twilight zone will always be my all time favorite show. There never has, and never will be anything like the original series. It was truly a classic!!!!!!!! - 04-28-2000

Carlos Felgueiras - Congratulations for such a wonderful site. A site suitable for an adequate passage into the Twilight Zone. I think you have done a wonderful job here. I am glad that the Original series is being transmitted once more here in Portugal, giving me and some nostalgics the chance of seeing some wonders in TV making. A great hug to the team. Keep up the effort. Some of us think its worth it, and won't forget you. I think that Rod won't too." - 06-16-2001

Vaughn Fitzgerald - "Thank you for providing this website. It was great! I viewed the series as a child and as an adult, I appreciate the values and deep messages contained in the episodes. They mean more to me now than before, since I now understand the significance of the messages that Rod was trying to get society to understand. I am a fan and am interested in keeping the memories alive and playing continually on television!" - 08-26-2000

Joe Gilford - "Hey--get to work! I'm looking for information on TZ writer Charles Beaumont. So get those archives going! I'm a web developer. If there's anything I can help you with, just give a shout. And thanks for your terrific work." - 08-08-2000

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Alexander Kuhlmann - WOW!!! This site is AMAZING! I couldn't belive my eyes. WOW!!! I felt like if I had entered the TWILIGHT ZONE. Ufff.. I found thisweb page searching for the MYSTIC SEER "SLOT MACHINE". I'm 18 years old, from the US TERRITORY of PUERTO RICO, and next state #51. hehehe.. I got acquainted with the show thanks to a TWILIGHT ZONE marathon that started somewhere around new year day week of 2000-2001 in the SCIFI channel. I was surprised when I saw the quality of such shows. I immediately went to walgreens and got a five video case which I used completely recording the shows. hehehe. My father likes the TZ as well, he was surprised to see I loved them too. Since then I have been struggling to find any TWILIGHT ZONE merchandise. I'm extremely interested in acquiring something related to the MYSTIC SEER. That was the first show I saw and the one that started it all for me. Please contact me, I already wrote my e-mail above my comment. WOW!! Your site is GREAT!!! I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if you can help me on my journey..hehehe.. in search for the MYSTIC SEER. WOW!! I must state that I had the chills when I first entered this EXTREMELY PROFESSIONALY done web site. tiru..riru..tiru..riru. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! - 06/25/2001


Tony Lorenti - "Anything Rod ever wrote I loved ... but I do believe the greatest Twilight Zone of all time, for me, must be -- IN PRAISE OF PIP. God, it was poignantly telling that story. I love it to this day. There has never been a majestic and distinguished talent quite like that of Rod Serling -- a man brimming with compassion, keen intelligence, endless creativity, total passion for his work, intuitive insight into human nature. And Rod's charismatic persona -- that voice -- that intense facial imagery -- all so perfectly matched for the magical show he hosted, created, and wrote for -- the immortal and absolutely outstanding Twilight Zone! Alas, I never met my favorite writer and person of all time. You were the best, Rod! I was struck with much sadness at hearing of your death. And yet, strangely, you never died. Just look at this terrific site designed and created in your name. I continue to remember you even today, rewarding my students with Twilight Zone stories for school work well done; heck, I once even wrote and published a Twilight Zone story myself for a science fiction magazine; hey, I am told I do a neat imitation of you, too. Gee, I wonder, at 51, why I can't let go? You see, Rod, you never died after all. You still inspire me! Oh, you're not here all right, not in the living flesh, but in a strange and most wonderful way you continue to live in THIS dimension. Things can sometimes happen that way, as you would say ... in or out... of The Twilight Zone." - 05-12-2000

Bill Lynch - "What more can I say. Born in 1953 and enjoyed Twilight Zone as a child. I purchased ALL series collections via Columbia House years ago. Watch the 4th of July show on Sci-Fi. I'm mad about this show, the people who appeared in it, but mostly Rod!!! Keep me posted. Bill P.S. My 3 boy's love the show as well!" - 07-28-2000

Jay MacIntyre - "To let you know: your beautiful site is appreciated. I have watched TZ since it was first broadcast. The kid in the striped shirt in that terrific photo getting RS' autograph could have been me! How excited he must have been. It is gratifying to know that others value this show the way I do, even when we don't agree on particular episodes. This site is one of the great monuments on the Web. You have archived materials that are treasured by us all. And you have put them on view, where they should be. Please keep the site going as long as you can." - 08-02-2000

Shane McCormack - "Wow!! What an excellent site. A lot of this stuff i hadn't seen before. Well done on producing such a good site." - 12-02-1999

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Nancy - "So far my exploration into the Twilight Zone has been quite enlightening! I am off on another journey." - 05-28-2000

Claudio Negri - I was born in 1957. Since 1963 (maybe 1964...) I saw some episodes of T.Z. on italian TV ("Ai confini della realtŕ" -Towards reality's borders) and I was childly captured. I'm a twilight zoner with an enormous "nostalgia" of those tv-evenings filled of sweet fears, from the living room to the bed. With unprobably past and probably future. In the spectacular colours of black&white tv. Away to wonder on a large series of extra-worlds. Thanks for all, Rod. - 09/01/2001

Neil - "Excellent site. Good to see such a great site on the TZ." - 01-06-2000

Paolo - "TZ was the input to buy my first videotape recorder. Now it's why i surf on the net. Merry nightmares everybody!" - 04-27-2000

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Chris Sando - "I have for so many years, been a fan of the Twilight Zone. I guess mainly because I live only 75 miles from Rod Serling's hometown...Binghamton, N.Y. - 08-26-2000

Stephen Schlich - Writer - "I'm the webmaster for, which is the World Wide Web location of theRod Serling Memorial Foundation. I hope that our site will someday be half as good as TZA." - 2000

Dr_Shock - "All i can say is WOW, this is the best Twilight Zone page on the web, thanks! I LOVE IT." - 05-18-2000

SHOCKHIPPIE - "This place rules!!!!" - 09-16-2000

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Jody Tucker - "Rod Serling is the sexiest man ever!" - 10-13-2000


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Michael Hardesty - "Excellent site that would make Rod Serling proud! MUCH better than the official TZ site." - 07-04-08

(Added note from the Twilight Zone Archives webmaster - Actually, there is no "OFFICIAL" Twilight Zone website. Although, it's funny how some sites will represent themselves as the "OFFICIAL" Twilight Zone site or "museum", when there's no such thing represented by even CBS itself; unless you count CBS' online episode viewer as an actual "OFFICIAL" TZ site. Anyways, just thought I'd pop in and unofficially mention this. Ta! ;)

Ross Stewart - "This is the best site I have ever been on!!!" - 08-07-08

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G.T.H. - "Thanks again for a great site! And Happy 10 YEARS as of tomorrow, right? How is it that a show from so long ago can still give me chills ("Eye of the Beholder", "To Serve Man")! Love it!!" - 01-15-09

Juan Aníbal Zúñiga - "Television is a massive art media and reflexive motivator, due a lot to this outstanding series and its main creator, Mr. Rod Serling. When lack of arguments become a painful reality in the global art media (cinema & TV), it's always hopeful to turn our sights and have such an extraordinary legacy, to prove that real talent and passionate devotion put to work is all that it takes to make it once and again." - 02-06-09

Diana - "I have such a crush on Rod Serling! Great looks and an intriging mind...dangerous combo. Born way too late. *sigh.*" - 01/06/11

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